Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Put my business on Facebook

Google: "Put my business on Facebook"

This is a very popular search phrase on Google. When you are ready to put your business on Facebook, to gain exposure to nearly a billion people, make sure you set up your business Facebook site properly. Facebook is built to be the best way to get local exposure to your business, in a hurry.

To sell a product or service, in your local area, you need to start with exposure, build an audience, while winning their trust, be seen as the authority, then provide them with the services or products that they need. Your presence on Facebook is critical. As more and more people use Facebook, more than any other website on the internet, don't try to drag them to your website - You should go to where THEY are. Go to them. 

The best place to be guided properly in setting up your business site on Facebook is through the experts in social media marketing - 3Q Social Marketing

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

St George Social Media.

The #1 social media company in St. George, Utah, and beyond, is 3Q Social. The use of social media for gathering fans and marketing is much more than a fad. The advent of social media, as we know it today, has proven to be one of the largest pivot points in the use of the internet, since the start of the world wide web. Dominating the internet as the number one activity online, even ahead of gaming and all other sites, social media portals, like Facebook, receive the most amount of traffic and time of nearly a Billion people.

The creative team at 3Q Social has been in the web industry for 15 years, the marketing industry for 10 years, and social media since it began. We have the talent to provide all of the technical aspects of creating the social media presence for your business as well as a creative approach to gathering, growing and working with your target audience.

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